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What's it Like To Use a Travel Agent?

Franco Cefalo at Naked Nomad is a Fora-certified Travel Advisor specializing in curating, planning, and booking a wide range of travel options, from airfare to unique on-the-ground experiences.

Whether you desire hotels, villas, cruises, yacht charters, or tours, we've got you covered. With access to the Fora travel network, you will enjoy exclusive perks and VIP amenities at partner hotels worldwide, without worrying about booking fees.

For more intricate itineraries, such as multi-stop honeymoons or detailed plans involving restaurant reservations and tours, a transparent planning fee is communicated upfront.

Our personalized service begins with understanding your travel preferences, ensuring every recommendation aligns with your taste, style, and budget. Experience seamless planning and booking, with the choice of phone or email correspondence, and relish in the 1:1 support and transparent communication that sets us apart from call centers.

Embark on an adventure crafted just for you.

This Is Us


Franco Cefalo

Job Title.

CEO & Founder

A 15 year attendee of Burning Man, I value community and radical self-expression. I get excited about unusual vacations like surf bootcamps, psychedelic retreats, black diamond skiing and clothing-optional cruises. Come adventure with me.


Liam Juanis

Job Title.

Photographer & Videographer

Naked Nomad is partnering with Liam for his skills in photography and video.  Liam is also a talented healer and aspiring musician and DJ. 


Stephen Drager

Job Title.

Creative Guru

Stevie D is the man when it comes to understanding the personality of a brand and communicating it thru visual art.  This site is just one example.


Naked Nomad is dedicated to the spirited adventurer in all of us, embodying the essence of the Explorer archetype.

Our core values are rooted in delivering top-notch customer service, forging authentic community connections, and facilitating a journey of self-exploration for every traveler.

We believe that travel is not just about the destinations, but about the personal transformations that occur when one steps out of their comfort zone to embrace the unknown.

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