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Exploring the Joys of Clothing-Optional Hot Springs: A Guide

Immersing yourself in a clothing-optional hot spring is a deeply enjoyable and relaxing experience. These tranquil locations provide a retreat from daily chatter and an inviting start to those interested in the naturist lifestyle with a partner.


Unlike the bustling atmosphere of naturist resorts, clothing-optional hot springs offer a serene environment where the social dynamics are less intense, and one can connect with self and nature alongside the curative aspects of mineral-rich waters.


For years, our adventures to various hot springs have furnished us with invaluable insights, which we're eager to share, including recommendations for our preferred destinations.


The Wellness Advantages of Nude Soaking


My personal journey in naturism began in California's hot springs, particularly at Harbin. This serene oasis is cradled by scrub oaks north of San Francisco and resonates with peace. These springs feature facilities like temperature-varied pools, dining areas, accommodations, and a non-pretentious clientele.


The act of soaking sans apparel liberates your skin, allowing it to fully absorb the minerals in the water. This practice is also more hygienic, avoiding swimwear that can harbor soaps and bacteria.


Benefits of Clothing-Optional Soaking:


Physical Ease:

- Warm waters relax your muscles.

- Buoyancy offers joint relief.

- Improved circulation aids muscle recovery.

- Hot and cold plunges rejuvenate the vascular system.


Dermal Benefits:

- Mineral waters can enrich skin health.

- May reduce skin inflammation.

- Sulfur-rich waters could alleviate certain skin issues.


Mental Tranquility:

- A spa-like atmosphere fosters stress reduction.

- Can enhance body positivity.

- Connecting with nature boosts overall well-being.


Social Interaction:

- A chance for interaction in an open-minded space.

- A sense of community with fellow enthusiasts.

- Silent pools available for those seeking quietude.


Etiquette in Naturist Hot Springs

Adherence to etiquette is key for a respectful and enjoyable experience for all.



- Always sit on a towel for cleanliness and respect.

- Maintain decorum; avoid staring or encroaching on personal space.

- Photography is a strict no-no to preserve the privacy of others.

- Conversation is limited to designated areas.



- Shower before and after soaking to maintain hygiene.

- Avoid using the hot spring as a personal bath.

- Steer clear of lotions or perfumes prior to entering.


Pets and Children:

- Pets should be leashed and managed at natural hot springs.

- Children should be supervised to ensure they don't disturb the peace.


Discovering the Right Hot Spring for You


Naturist hot springs vary from rustic, hike-in spots to well-maintained resort pools.

- Natural hot springs are captivating but may require caution regarding cleanliness and water flow.

- Resort hot springs guarantee clean and tested waters, promoting the practice of showering before a dip.


Notable Clothing-Optional Hot Springs in the U.S.:

- Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon: Offers vegetarian meals and unique soaking experiences.

- Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado: A wildlife sanctuary with natural soaking options.

- Esalen Institute, California: A holistic retreat with limited public access.

- Deep Creek Hot Springs, California: Secluded and natural, accessible by hiking.

- Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon: Features a sequence of pools in a forested locale.

- Ten Thousand Waves, New Mexico: A Japanese spa with private tubs.

- Harbin Hot Springs, California: A non-profit sanctuary with varied pools.

- Orr Hot Springs, California: Serene retreat near redwoods with accommodation options.

- Sierra Hot Springs, California: A serene hideaway with temperature-varied pools.

- Saline Valley Hot Springs, California: A remote desert oasis with stunning scenery.


First-Time Visitor Tips

- Always bring a towel and a water bottle.

- Wear flip-flops or water shoes for protection.

- Consider bringing a Kindle or reading material.


We invite you to discover the delightful world of nude hot springs, which we consider our favorite pastime, and hope you'll share our enthusiasm for this exceptional experience.

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